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Spotless Property Maintenance is a family run window cleaning business, we believe in guaranteeing a high standard of work and leaving each customer completely satisfied.

Traditional Window Cleaner

We offer traditional window cleaning methods if it is safe to do so.

This is a tried and tested method, applying water containing a detergent to the glass, which is removed using a squeegee. The excess water around the edge of the pane is removed using a dry cloth, then frames and sills are cleaned and dried too.

We follow all health and safety guidelines with regards to the use of ladders by having regular checks of equipment and the work environment. These guidelines can be found at https://www.hse.gov.uk/work-at-height/the-law.htm

We offer both traditional and reach and wash methods to be flexible and safe, sometimes using a combination of both.


Reach and Wash Window Cleaners

De-ionised water is a powerful solvent ideal for removing residue build-up on windows difficult to reach using traditional methods of window cleaning.

Our window cleaning system is bespoke with 5 levels of filtration and 100% carbon-fibre poles.

The window and frames are cleaned thoroughly with a purpose made brush fitted with jets of pure water, then the whole window is completely rinsed down.

Generally on a first clean we will also use ladder access if possible to carry out a close inspection of the window, using a blade to remove any paint or ingrained dirt.

The reach and wash method can be safer than working at height in some instances but has its own health and safety considerations which must be taken into account.


Gutter Cleaning

First we remove all gutter debris including moss, leaves, sand and silt or anything else to be found.

We then check the down pipes for blockages and remove any obstructions.

We run water down the gutters to ensure rain water flows away as it should and that the neglected gutters, and the additional weight have not caused any bowing or distortion to the run of guttering.


Solar Panel Cleaning

We offer this service using the Reach and Wash system to keep your solar panels operating at maximum efficiency.

This should be done early morning so the panels are not at a high temperature during cleaning with cold de-ionised water. This prevents any risk of damage.


uPVC Cleaning and Conservatory Cleaning

Purified water is a powerful solvent as seen in this video.

For further restoration we treat the area with our uPVC restorer solution if required.

This helps to reduce staining caused by algae, moss, bird droppings, etc.

The next stage is to clean all the surfaces by hand.

Our final step is to use our double wash down system, dry off and then hand polish all the uPVC to a clean white finish.

We also use a water repellent which helps to keep your UPVC looking clean. The solutions and methods we use are all tried and tested.


Moss Removal and Moss Treatment

We scrape away the moss or algae by hand (we don't use pressure washers on roofs).

After the moss has been removed we lightly spray on the treatment.

This treatment removes and prevents repeat build up of: Algae, moss, fungi, lichen, mould, bacteria and viruses on all hard external surfaces.

It helps to reduce safety hazards, prolongs and protects new and old surfaces, even cleaning and brightening up most surfaces.

It can keep surfaces clear of re-growth for 12 months, depending on the weather and wind conditions. We guarantee a free re-treatment if there is any regrowth within 6 months.

It is extremely cost effective. It is readily bio-degradable and non bio-accumulating. It is safe for animals, pets and children once the treated surface is dry. It has NO staining properties and is safe for the environment.


Our Promise

Spotless Property Maintenance is a family run window cleaning business, we believe in guaranteeing a high standard of work and leaving each customer completely satisfied.

For our commercial customers, we will not tie you in to long term contracts. Annually renewable agreements ensure that you are continually satisfied.

We have built the business on keeping our customers happy with good service. This keeps our standards high and results in positive feedback from our clients.

For all our clients, if you are not 100% satisfied with our work, let us know within 24 hours and we will return to rectify any issue.


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